About Us

ecityfinance is based in Edinburgh; the company takes a holistic few of  financial management.

Helen Clover 2010

Founded by Helen Clover BA(Hons) MSc CeMAP CeCM; Accountant & Property Developer. BAHons Accounting & Financial Management 1987 from Sheffield University & MSc Property Management & Investment 2009 from Edinburgh Napier University. An SME Accountant who has spent the last 20 years crunching numbers, Developing Property; at home and abroad & Managing a Portfolio of Property.

For Helen knowing how a business is performing is crucial to its success. Whether it’s a property business or a design agency, the rules are the same. Frequent and relevant information will identify if your business is working as it should be. This philosophy should  start the moment your business is born.

‘ecityfinance‘ has  identified what causes the problems for individuals and businesses alike;  “it’s tempting to focus only on the front end of the business often neglecting to analyse and use the experience of actions in the past”

In the wake of one of the worst recessions in modern history; with funds scarce and competition high, ecityfinance takes the view that Individuals and Companies need help more than ever now when managing business.

ecityfinance of Edinburgh & the Borders offers a  range of Business Services including   Management Accountancy and Business Planning. 

As Xero Certified Accountants Ecityfinance are advocates of Xero Accounting Software and are to train in house if required.

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